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Samantha Dorsey, CPT is a mother of two, and the owner of proACTIVE moms LLC. She went from frustrated mom struggling with relentless diastasis, to healing her body and helping women restore their cores, activate their strength, and unashamedly adore their bodies. Samantha holds numerous certifications specific to prenatal and postpartum fitness, and is passionate about equipping women with actionable, evidence-based knowledge about their bodies so that they can live their crazy-beautiful, beautifully crazy lives on their terms, now and for many years to come.
About the Author:
Absolutely, you are the expert when it comes to your body. 
Here's the problem, though:

The "listen to your body" advice for moms and moms-to-be is outdated and unhelpful.


Because transforming bodies speak a transformed language. Your body's signals about what's "overdoing it" will be different than ever before, for the simple reason that your body is different than ever before (PSA: growing and birthing a baby is a big deal!)
“Just listen to your body!"
The phrase we all hear at one point or another regarding prenatal and postpartum exercise [Insert eye-roll here].
Transformed bodies speak a transformed language: 
Ready to discover yours?
Know exactly which signals to be on the lookout for during any type of physical activity (this includes exercise as well as daily life)
Feel confident that you are not unknowingly doing damage
Understand how to modify any activity by tweaking specific variables
Distinguish between which symptoms/experiences are “normal,” and which are an indication that something is off